Listed Building Builders Bath

Our team have experience of working on many listed buildings around the Bath area.

We  work closely with architects to ensure that the project is managed in a professional manner, ensuring that the project build falls within the needs of the local planners, and on time and within budget.

Our expertise of working with graded and listed buildings has taken us on projects all over the South West of England, working on a wide range of projects ranging from churches to home conversions, and the conservation of local heritage sites.

bbar building plans listed

Conserving and maintaining Listed Buildings for over 20 years

Over the years we have worked on many listed and graded buildings, including the Bath Abbey for who we were the preferred building contractors for 8 years, along with the prestigious Guildhall in Bath.

Listed Building Renovation and Restoration

If you have a period, graded or listed building and you need it to be renovated, or converted then we could be the perfect builder to work with, with lots of experience of working on listed buildings in the Bath area, especially when it comes to acquiring and working with Bath stone.  We have a good reputation for high quality work and working with clients and Listed Building Control to meet the requirements of all parties.